Sewing away …..

Earlier on in then year I decided my mum could do with a half decent mothers day gift, because she’s just that super and amazing!


Marna Lunt, textiles artist and creator of Little A Designs  posted on her wonderful facebook page that she was asked to be a guest tutor at So Sew Pretty studios, run by Leah Halliday sharing her wonderful hand stitching and lampshade making skills with fellow textile loving people like myself and my mum.
So it goes without saying I paid the deposit and booked a lovely little B&B for us in Dumfries, Scotland and it was a nice little surprise for mum to look forwards too.

Friday the 25th July, me and my mum jumped on a train to Dumfries ready for a little weekend treat! We had great sunshiney weather and we spent the evening admiring all of Dumfries’s old shop fronts and seeing a fewmof the sights …. birth place of Robert Burns,  you know  !

Then on Saturday after a lovely breakfast I marched mum down to the lovely university campus and our day of hand stitching wonderment began ….. and here are  few of the snaps.

Leah’s studio….


Baskets of floral fabric …. aw its such a dream …..♥


Marna Lunts fabulous work….. everything is hand stictched and when I say hand stitched I mean by actual HANDS …. NO machine stitching insight. My favourite way to work!



Such a fabulous day, with some brilliant people, if you ever get the chance to take part in any of either Leahs or Marnas workshops you really should!

Marna showed me how to do French knots something I have always struggled with ….

Ta dar…. French Knots


In the end me and mum had a brilliant day and a great weekend in Dumfries,  where everyone seems to be super friendly and very accommodating, well worth a trip that way even if your not sewing lampshades 🙂


Lampshades ♥♥♥
Mum is planning to re-shade the living room lamps and now I’ve learnt a few new skills, you maybe seeing some of my hand woven fabrics been transformed into illuminating lamps of wonder! So watch this space!

If you want to check out either Marna or Leah’s work here are the links to their websites


The bestest mum a daughter could ask for ….. ♥


Alice’s Bells finally has an online Home …

I have been saying for the past 2 years that I will take lovely photos and put them up on my shop on Etsy and finally it has happened !

So yay, Alice’s Bells is now on Etsy, Facebook and Twitter (although I’m still getting my head around Twitter it does still baffle me!?!?)

So if you enjoy my blogs, and want to have a little look see at my shop then please do!

You can find me at


Cycling, Sewing and Hiking all in one day….

As most of the UK will be aware of the Tour de France decided to start their tour not in France,  but here in the UK, with Yorkshire been the main attraction!

I have no real interest in most sports, but ever since I was a little girl my dad always watched the Tour de France every year without fail, so I always have fond memories of sitting around the tv, with my family, not really having a clue whats actually going on but enjoying it all the same, with the mountain stages always been my favorite part of the tour.

Which leads me nicely onto what this blog is actually about, with the tour coming so near the were I live and having a boyfriend who is just as keen on the race as my dad is, we decided to get up super duper uper early and hike up the Blackstone edge and watch it fly by!

The walk was beautiful with stunning views and of course  alot of people out and about to watch the race.
After walking half way, we stopped at the top to watch the race fly by, it was over in all of 5 seconds, but we had an hour and a half to kill, so I decided to take out my sewing and do a bit of hill top embroidery!
It was lovely chilling out in the beautiful sunshine surrounded by beautiful countryside,  I have to admit I did get a few funny looks, but I was enjoying myself all the same!


Over all we probably walked about 10 miles, it was knackering but well worth the hike, me and my other half will be going back up that way to do a bit more exploring and I reckon I’ll take my sewing too and do somemore outdoors embroidery along the Peak District hills.

Just a few more snaps of the day, I didn’t take as many photographs as I should have done, so next time I will delight your senses with some visual beauty.  This weekend we are doing a ridge top walk around Dovestones, near Saddleworth.


This is not too far from the top of Blackstones Edge, and in the distance you can just make out the crowds waiting for the Tour to whizz by!


That’s right, those are giant Fruitshoots, driving past hehe!?!?


We walked underneath the Motorway which I thought was pretty cool!

This is roughly the route we took, but we went a little further going underneath the motorway which isn’t on this little map…..


I hope you enjoyed today little blog on my embroidery adventures …..

So its been a While and Alot has Changed

Well I have to admit, my blog keeping skills have been very poor, which I’m so sorry about.


I will be keeping ontop of my bloggingnessness from now on promise!

So…. “whats new” I hear you say?!

Well….. I have rediscovered my love for weaving, now I’m not at uni and able to weave how I want to weave I find myself loving every moment.
So not only do I make my wears, I also get to weave my own fabrics, making them even more unique!

It all started with me purchasing a little vintage 1950s frame loom off ebay, which I started to weave small rolls of fabric and make into mushroom shaped pin cushions and star shaped hanging decorations.

Then whilst doing the Chorlton Arts Festival Christmas fair in 2013, another stall holder Carol, who owns Beetle felt studios, said “you weave all of these don’t you, if you ever want to borrow a loom just get in touch” so I did!

And I know have a love 6 shafted tabletop loom sitting pretty in my bedroom workshop and I have had a wonderful time creating beautiful fabrics and making them into objects for people to enjoy.

This is me weaving away….. I’m so happy!!! I think I was weaving fabric for coasters in that photograph.

My lovingly made fabric, before I cut it up and made it into beautiful objects of yayness!


One of the market stalls that I have done this year. Not one of the best venues, music was Way too loud and I just don’t think I was cool enough for that crowd, but my little stand looks lovely.


This is a new member of the household, a Mr Thor Grainger, snoozing under my loom… cutie.


And this is a little close up of my pin cushion mushrooms I mentioned and after much pestering from my mum I got my watercolours printed on to postcards! They have gone down a treat.

So over all this year so far has been a brilliant year for my work, I really feel I have found my look and style and I’m coming up with new ideas everyday, so watch this space…. I hope you have enjoyed my come back blog hehe….. xxx

Tea Party with the Garden Birds…

This is a new Textiles project that I have been working on, these paintings are the second phase of my design process. 

The final out come will be all textile-ied 😀

I’ve always enjoyed drawing birds from my garden but havent really had a way of making them my own. Until now! I’ve given them a bit of a twist by adding hats, scarfs and shoes to my little birdies and I feel it works really well.

I also wanted to capture i bit of the birds personalities into my work, Blue tits like to cream off milk bottles, Wrens are very small but very loud and other things like this.

After painting them I will then transfer them into textiles using threads and floral fabrics to add another level to my designs.


Tired Old Mr Suitcase …. Has had a Make Over

I invested in a couple of Very old and Very mucky Suitcase’s off eBay with the intention of giving them all a bit of “Tender Loving and Care”.

This is the Smallest out of the Three which I gave a bit of a hug to.


This is the sorry sad state that he came to me in


He needs a Hug…

But as you can see Poor Old Mr Suitcase is looking and feeling much better now….


He now has a new Red leather Handle, sexy Red elbow patches and he’s been polished up with a good bit of Brasso….


I even re-lined his insides with this lovely Floral William Morris-esk Paper from Paperchase


Made with Love…. Blugh hehe